Our Services

PMPLLC leverages our expertise, experience and technology to provide a premier property management services. We not only strive to be reliable and credible to tenants, but our business model and overall strategy is built to decrease the expenses and maximize returns for owners.
24/hours Maintenance

We offer 24/hr emergency maintenance and maintenance hotline.We are fully licensed construction company. That means all maintenance is done in house. Instead of charging markup fees, we are usually able to extend our property management customers a discount.​

Rent Collection

PMP LLC uses a state of the art system to collect rental payments from tenants. Payments are easy and covient. Tenants are able to pay check, echeck and card all from the convinece of a smart device. This system allows us to be able to quickly collect rent and then automatically dispurse rental payments to owners. 

Property Marketing

PMP LLC uses a wide range of marketing resources to ensure that each property is uniquely positioned to be rented with as little vacancies as possible. PMP LLC also partners with our rental agents brokerage firms to get all rentals listed on the MLS. This means you have not only the  PMP LLC team working to rent your property but the brokerage firm as well. 

Financial Reporting

PMP LLC will handle all leasing  and tenant screening activity. We use several government verification systems to screen potential tenants as well as personally interview with each canidate. This has helped us mitigate non payment during covid-19


PMPLLC utilizes property management system that produces professional reports for profit, losses, rent collection, expenses and more. This reporting is on demand. An owner can run reporting at anytime to get a snapshot of a properties financial information. This makes the profitability easy to understand for owners and/or potential buyers.

PMPLLC is committed to fostering an environment in which tenants assume the full responsibilities of their lease. In the event a tenant is not upholding the leasing agreement (including nonpayment), we have the experience and capabliity to facilitate an eviction. Our principles are to do it legally, swiftly and as painlessly as possible.