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Property Management Philadelphia LLC

is a top tier property management company located in the city of Philadelphia. Our in house licesure in construction, property management and real estate allow us to offer top teir service while passing on saving to owners. 


$0 Maintenance Mark up

We are a fully licensed and insured construction company in the state of Pennsylvania. That means we can handle repairs in house. That keeps the cost of repairs low and helps us complete them in a timely fashion. Our property owners receive save about 15%!​

100% Rent collect during COVID-19 Pandemic

PMPLLC collected 100% rent during the Covid pandemic! We pride ourselves on identifying qualified tenants, providing legitimate resources where necessary and fostering an environment for cooperation and team work.

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Partnership with PA Department of Veterns
Owners Benefit


PMP LLC has partnered with the Pennsyviania Department of Vetern affairs to reserve units specifically for US veterns. This partnership is beneficial to owners and veterns. The monthly rent is paid by the federal government for the lease. This allows us and our owners to give back to the community while protecting there rental income. 

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New Owner Tenant portal coming December 2021


PMP LLC will be switching to a new property management system. This system will include major advancements in reporting and better operational optizations.

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